Options for purchasing certified sustainable palm oil

Supply ressources

Perhaps you are interested in procuring sustainable palm oil for your company, but don’t know how to go about it. The websites of the various certification schemes provide a good starting point for information on the availability of certified palm oil, palm kernel oil and derivatives and details of possible suppliers. ISCC, RSB, the Rainforest Alliance and RSPO publish lists of their certified companies and suppliers on their websites. Regular publication of this data enables interested companies to get in touch with potential suppliers and also provides a means of verifying the credibility and integrity of these suppliers, as only the names of authorised sellers are listed. The lists also specify the various trading options via which the products are available.Links to the supplier lists of the various certification schemes recognised by FONAP:

RSPO: SCC holders
ISCC: Certificate holders
RSB: Participating operators
Rainforest Alliance: Rainforest Alliance Certified Marketplace

PalmTrace Certificate trading

PalmTrace operates the RSPO’s Book and Claim supply chain option. It is a trading platform that replaces GreenPalm and was created to enable certificates to be traded through the Book and Claim system. Through PalmTrace, palm oil producers are able to sell certificates - that includes RSPO NEXT credits - for each tonne of certified palm oil that they have produced but then sold conventionally. As registered members of the platform, palm oil processers or sellers of palm-oil-based products who have not purchased certified palm oil can buy as many certificates as they need. All products certified in this way can use the PalmTrace logo and the claim ‘Supports the production of RSPO-certified sustainable palm oil‘. However, use of the RSPO logo is not permitted.

The Book and Claim procedure enables companies that are not RSPO-certified to purchase certificates in accordance with their requirements and to sell conventionally produced palm oil as certified. To ensure that producers do not sell more than the permitted number of certificates, the RSPO-certified production capacity of each PalmTrace-registered producer is recorded and sales figures are compared with these capacity details.


Purchase of certified derivatives

 Derivatives of palm oil and palm kernel oil are market-standard ingredients for which there are currently hardly usable alternatives with comparable properties. Nevertheless, not enough physically certified goods available on the market. It also remains unclear which supplier offers the desired sustainable derivative and offers the desired quality.

The following overview of manufacturers and suppliers of certified derivatives is a first attempt to contribute more efficiently and more targeted to more traceability and transparency in supply chains. Above all, the goal is to facilitate the purchase of certified derivatives in the future.

Are you interested in promoting your sustainably produced and certified derivatives on the FONAP homepage? Please feel welcome to contact the FONAP secretariat at any time.


Peter Greven Nederland

Peter Greven Nederland has been offering the first RSPO Mass Balance (MB) certified products since 2013. Since then, the product portfolio has been expanded continuously. After the successful establishment of Mass Balance certified products, the company has also been offering products as RSPO Segregated Goods (SG) since April 2016.

For further questions, please use the following link https://www.peter-greven.de/qualitaetsmanagement/zertifikate-standort-venlo/rspo/

Or contact:
Verena Koch, Nachhaltigkeitsmanagerin
Tel.: +49 (0) 2253 313 130


IOI Oleo

Our raw material in MB quality you find under PERSONAL CARE and NUTRITION – please follow the link: www.ioioleo.de/en/ioi/sustainability.php

For further questions, please contact personalcare@ioioleo.de and nutrition@ioioleo.de. 

If you have questions about topics like RSPO and sustainability please ask for Dr. S. Schmidt, U. Ehses or E. Friedrich.



BASF offers ingredients that are used in the manufacturing process of ingredients for detergents and cleaners and personal care products. And to a lesser extent, for the production of food additives. An essential raw material for these ingredients is palm kernel oil. Our goal is to have only certified and sustainable palm kernel oil in the value chain. We have taken action to drive the market transition: in 2018, we initiated a significant change in our personal care specialty products portfolio and will only offer sustainably certified palm-based ingredients to the cosmetics industry.

For further questions, please use Palm-dialog@basf.com or follow this link https://www.carecreations.basf.com/landingpage-time-for-change


ICOF Europe GmbH

As a member of the fully backwards integrated palm oil and derivate producer Musim Mas, ICOF Europe GmbH offers a wide range of Fatty Acids, Fatty Alcohols, Fatty Acid Esters, etc. as RSPO MB certified. The availability of RSPO SG products depends on current market situations and will be checked individually. Please do not hesitate to contact us in case of any question or request.

Marie Michalski
+49 4152 88507 24