Certification of the palm oil supply chain

Supply chain certification

Because of its many uses, palm oil is now an indispensible part of many products. Customers, however, are becoming more aware of the need for palm oil production to be sustainable. There is a growing trend for the sustainability of a company’s activities to be judged not only by its own actions but also by those of its suppliers.

RSPO Supply Chain Certification confirms that there has been uninterrupted monitoring of the palm oil throughout the supply chain, including during refining, processing, finishing, transport, marketing and arrival at the end user. Certification thus enhances the company’s credibility, boosts customer confidence and demonstrates commitment to the sustainable manufacture of palm oil products and the use of sustainable palm oil in the company’s products.

Who needs Supply Chain Certification (SCC)?

All stakeholders who obtain legitimate possession of RSPO-certified palm oil and who physically handle the palm oil must undertake certification of their supply chain. This includes businesses that open the primary packaging, e.g. for filling purposes, and that wish to use the RSPO claim or trademark. Traders, agents and brokers do not need such certification. Certification is also not required for companies that use palm oil, palm kernel oil or derivatives only as a processing aid. In this case a distribution or trading licence may be required.

A company that wishes to obtain certification must use the same trading model as its supplier or else switch to a less strict trading option. The raw material input with the lowest certification statement thus determines the type of statement that applies to the finished product.

In 2020, the RSPO supply chain standard (RSPO SCC) was revised. The core of the new standard is, among other things, a regular check of the validity of the supply chain certification of suppliers or the license for dealers by locations along the supply chain. Furthermore, RSPO members who procure their goods directly from the producers or mills must publish an up-to-date list of certified and non-certified suppliers online.

The RSPO website gives details of the requirements that a company must meet in order to obtain SCC certification, the details that must be documented and the conditions that attach to the purchasing of RSPO palm oil and palm oil products: Webpage RSPO.