Our Story

Our Story

About apps, test areas and expectations

It’s not only about Apps…

Demonstration areas have been set up on farms to train small farmers in the application of natural farming methods. The demonstration areas showcase several good agricultural practices to conserve and protect soils and apply locally made bio-resources to enhance the biological component of soils. The photo below illustrates a training session on setting up a compost bin conducted by Wild Asia’s Director, Peter Chang.

Data based traceability

Another focus of the second project phase is to improve traceability of certified palm oil to the mill and farm. The small farmers and oil palm dealers will be trained on how to use the smartphone-based application by Koltiva.

How does this app work - and what do the participants expect from the digital technology? Get to know some of the participants here.

Yuan Chean Teoh

Yuan Chean Teoh, 37 years old, is the daughter of Mr. Teoh Chai Hock, the owner of Teik Joo Chan (TJC). TJC is a trading company based in Air Kuning, Perak. Traceability with the Koltiva App will allow the traders to better separate fresh fruit bunches that are certified from those which are not certified, hopes Yuan Chean Teoh after taking part in a Wild Asia workshop (left on the picture).

I have not used this app before, so I’m not sure what to say at this point. Hopefully after we have implemented this, we can give the feedback. Right now, the challenge for us is the small discrepancies in tonnage between the fruits that come from the farms, and the fruits that we send to the mill.

Analogue – soon bye bye

But sooner or later, times will change in her company. Away from analogue scaling like Nurafina Naharudin, staff at TJC, is showing us. Or issuing handwritten payment receipts to small farmers.

So hopefully this app can help address this issue and make the data more accurate and credible so that we can also monitor more closely.

Luei Jun Yan

Luei Jun Yan, 25 years old, from Trader Sawit Langkap agrees fully on what Yuan experiences day by day.

I hope this app can improve our FFB system, so that we can all use this system and reduce our workload and to standardize our operations. If we need to trace the FFB it will be more convenient.

Anybody can log into the system and see. Because right now, if my computer does not have the current system that we are using, I have to use the main computer and log in there. So, it’s not user-friendly.

Luei Jun Yan is looking forward to the integration of the app in their system. In any case, he already sees the potential of the app. Especially, when more smallholders start sending data to their dealers, it will be more efficient to know the condition of each smallholder’s farm. This will make the whole accounting process much easier.

Our story will continue soon…