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International dialogue

Jointly sustainable: Sharing experiences along the palm oil supply chain

As a multi-stakeholder partnership, FONAP's mission is to strengthen the exchange of experience and facilitate the dialogue between relevant stakeholders in the producing countries as well as European representatives from different sectors of the palm oil industry.

Palm oil - An indispensable commodity

It is impossible to imagine our daily lives without palm oil. Almost every second supermarket product today contains palm (kernel) oil, a substance rich in natural properties. No other agricultural commodity has seen a more rapid increase in production over the past ten years. Yet only about 30% of the palm(kernel)oil used worldwide is produced sustainably. Germany is taking the lead here with 83% certified palm oil while pursuing the ambitious goal - 100%.

More than half of the globally traded palm oil comes from Indonesia. The unsustainable cultivation of oil palms continues to be the subject of strong public criticism in both producer and consumer countries. Serious environmental damage, such as ongoing deforestation, as well as social risks, such as human rights violations, are reasons for this. At the same time, demand for sustainably produced palm oil has been growing steadily for several years, particularly on the European market. How does this affect the growing countries and what impact does it have on local palm oil cultivation?

International market players in dialogue

To provide an understanding of sustainability practices and successes, stronger synergies need to be created between palm(kernel)oil-based consumer product companies in Germany and producers in Indonesia. FONAP and LTKL see it as their mission to foster dialogues on sustainable production and consumption of sustainable palm (kernel) oil with market actors from Germany and Indonesia.

In cooperation with the Indonesian Sekretariat of Sustainable District Association (LTKL), FONAP is hosting a web talk on the topic:

Jointly sustainable - Sharing experiences along the palm oil supply chain

Programme and schedule

An international community of experts from academia, civil society as well as local producers, processors and traders will provide you with diverse perspectives on the palm oil supply chain. Indonesian and European key speakers will bridge the two ends of the supply chain in an exciting talk show format, enabling an exchange between the producer and consumer sides. Because the challenge of designing a sustainable palm oil supply chain can only be addressed together.

Please find all further details in the programme.